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Measurements and Technical Diagrams

hofa-akustik acoustic modules      

Pic 1: Room acoustic analysis of a 12m² home-recording studio without acoustic modules

 hofa-akustik acoustic modules

Pic 2: Room acoustic analysis of a 12m² home-recording studio with acoustic modules

The well-proportioned reverberation and the improved frequency response through the use of HOFA-Akustik modules in this room are distinctly visible (pic 2). This guarantees a good room acoustic in which instruments and speakers can unfold to their full potential.


In our absorbers we use Basotect, because this material absorbs acoustic energy effectively and evenly. The following chart provides information on the sound absorption coefficient dependent on the layer thickness:

hofa-akustik acoustic modules


DIN measurement of the HOFA-Basstraps

The measurements  were conducted on 21.11.2011 in an echo chamber wich has been designed to fulfil DIN EN ISO 354:2003.

hofa-akustik acoustic modules
Download HOFA-Basstraps test record (german text): :
Messung der äquivalenten Schallabsorptionsfläche nach DIN EN ISO 354

What does the DIN-Standard measurement tell about HOFA-Basstraps?

From 80 Hz to below 200 Hz  the basstraps absorb over 90% of sound energy*. Well below 80 Hz sound energy is still noticeably absorbed.
The damping of the high frequencies is unproblematic because of the implemented acoustic foil.

TIP: In order to enhance absorption of deep bass frequencies, place the basstrap with some distance from the corner of the room.
For even stronger absorption below 80 Hz simply put two HOFA-Basstraps in a row.


* Approximately calculated in reference to the curved surface area of the HOFA BassTraps wich is about 1,3508m2.