Musikverein Lohnsburg

“The Musikverein Lohnsburg has more than 80 musicians. For the last 3 years we’ve rehearsed in our new room. When we planned the rehearsal room, we got in touch with HOFA-Akustik, which was definitely the right decision! Everything was very professional: the acoustic measurement on the construction site, the installation of the modules and the measurement afterwards. Since the room is pretty big, there’s quite some space between the musicians. Thanks to the HOFA-Akustik modules that’s not a problem at all, since the hearing impression is really good. The sound is transparent, not muddy at all, but rather brilliant. The same applies when smaller ensembles practice.

It’s a great advantage that the modules can be changed at any time. All in all, it was a great decision to use HOFA-Akustik modules!”

Kons. Gottfried Reisegger Conductor MV Lohnsburg

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