Nils Frahm, Berlin

“I ignored the acoustic optimization of my studio room for the longest time. I think everyone agrees, that it’s much more tempting to spend a couple thousand Euros on a new microphone or a nice tube preamp. This seems more like a tangible equivalent.

That’s exactly what I did and so I had ugly pyramid acoustic foam panels in my studio, which did attenuate the high frequencies but also made my room sound very unbalanced. I got used to that and ended up boosting the high frequencies in all my tracks…

One day I decided to repaint my room and I hated the thought of removing and reinstalling the foam panels.

I started looking for a high-quality acoustic solution and finally stumbled upon HOFA. A small company that offers high-quality acoustic modules at an affordable price. All employees were extremely friendly and patient and helped me to find the perfect combination of modules.

You will certainly not find diffusors that offer a better value for the money. The modules are flawlessly crafted and look beautiful. A combination of diffusors, Basotect absorbers and bass traps can “save” every room.

I installed the modules and I was speechless. The difference was impressive. All audible flutter echoes disappeared and the room sounds “tight” but open and natural at the same time. I feel much more comfortable in my beautiful studio now.

I think that’s where the real difference lies. Make yourselves comfortable and never forget that the eyes are part of the mixing process as well. :-)”

Nils Frahm

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