Acoustic Curtain Configurator

Step 1: Choose Model

Choose between ISO (sound insulation) or STUDIO (sound absorption).

Step 2: Select {{}} variant

Our Acoustic Curtain ISO combines sound absorption and sound insulation. Several layers of heavy acoustic fabric enable efficient absorption of high and mid frequencies.
If the ambient noise is particularly loud, the ISO 7 acoustic curtain brings the necessary quietness. On ceiling constructions with low load-bearing capacity, however, the ISO 3 acoustic curtain should be used.  The ISO 5 acoustic curtain represents an attractive middle course.

With the manufacturing of several layers of heavy acoustic fabric, the absorption – unlike regular curtains – works very effectively far into the low mid-range frequencies.

Step 3: Select colours

You can set identical or different colours for the front and back.



Step 4: Ceiling or wall mounting?

Choose where to mount the curtain.

Step 5: Select suspension

The following variants of suspensions are available.

Step 6: Select mounting system

Please select a mounting system. You will be shown the systems that match your selection above.

Unfortunately, no suitable mounting system could be found for your selection.
Please contact us or continue without mounting system.
{{v_data.ms_name}} - {{txt_position}}
Ceiling distance to the edge of the curtain: {{txt_abstand}} cm
Total height of the ceiling holder: {{txt_laenge_halter}} mm
Carrying capacity: max. {{v_data.ms_belastbarkeit}} kg
Wall distance to the center of the rod/rail: {{txt_abstand}} cm
Total length of the wall holder: {{txt_laenge_halter}} mm
Carrying capacity: max. {{v_data.ms_belastbarkeit}} kg

Step 7: Enter dimensions

Mounting system

– The minimum size is 50 cm.
– If the dimension is over 2 m, the mounting system is made of two parts.
– If you select the rod we recommend a projecting length of min. 10 cm on both sides.

The selected mounting system is max. available up to 200 cm.
Due to its length, the assembly system is made of several parts.
The length of the mounting system is less than the width of the surface to be covered. The value has been adjusted.

Drape (gathering factor)

– The gathering factor is automatically included in the calculation.
– The recommended gathering factor for optimum effectiveness is {{raffungsfaktor}}.
– So you need a curtain width of {{raffungsfaktor}} meters for one meter window width.

Your finished curtain
Desired width: {{v_width}} cm
Gathering factor: {{raffungsfaktor}}
Width with gathering factor (width x factor): {{gesamt_breite}} cm
Height minus the mounting system: {{gesamt_hoehe}} cm
Final dimensions for your order: {{gesamt_breite}} x {{gesamt_hoehe}} cm (Width x height). Weight of curtain: {{aktuelles_gewicht}} kg
This curtain is too big to use the configurator. The maximum size is 4 by 6 meters. For larger dimensions, please contact us directly via E-Mail or phone: +49 7251 3472-400.
The minimum dimensions are 30 cm each.
ATTENTION: The curtain exceeds the permissible weight of the mounting system.
Due to its dimensions, the curtain is made of two parts.
A seam could be visible.

Step 8 - Complete the configurator

Add this curtain to your shopping cart. If necessary, you can configure further curtains and add them to the shopping cart.

Would you request a complete offer or just request the mounting system?


Acoustic curtain {{}} {{varlist.variante}}

Front: {{varlist.farbe1_name}}
Back: {{varlist.farbe2_name}}
Total width: {{varlist.v_gesamtBreite}} cm
Height: {{varlist.v_gesamtHoehe}} cm
Suspension: {{varlist.aufhaengungName}}
Weight: {{varlist.v_gewicht}} kg

Due to its dimensions, the curtain is made of two parts.
{{varlist.cart_preis_brutto}} {{varlist.cart_waehrung}}
incl. {{varlist.cart_rabatt}} % discount
incl. {{varlist.cart_mwst}} % VAT

Mounting system

Length: {{varlist.ms_laenge}} cm
Carrying capacity: max. {{varlist.ms_belastbarkeit}} kg
incl. fixing set

Due to its length, the assembly system is made of several parts.
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