Acoustic Curtain Configurator

Step 1: Choose Type

Choose between ISO (sound insulation) or STUDIO (sound absorption).

Step 2: Select colours

You can set identical or different colours for the front and back.

Step 3: Enter the height and width

  • The minimum length is 30 cm each.
  • In the configurator, the maximum size is 4 x 6 or 6 x 4 meters.
    For larger sizes please contact us directly.
  • If both dimensions exceed 3m, the curtain is made of two parts.

Additional fabric for pleats

  • Please enter the width of the area to be covered including the additional fabric for the desired pleats.
  • The recommended (pleat-)factor for the ideal efficiency is:
    • ISO curtains: 1.3 – 1.5
    • STUDIO curtains: 2.0
  • In the case of the STUDIO acoustic curtain, you need a curtain width of two meters for one meter of window width.

Step 4: Select mounting

You can choose between different types of eyelets and heading tape.

Weight: 0 kg

Please consider the weight of the curtain in your choice of mounting system. We offer suitable curtain rods and ceiling rails with a high load capacity.
We will be pleased to make you a non-binding offer.

Step 5: Finish configuration

Add this curtain to your shopping cart. If necessary, you can configure further curtains and add them to the shopping cart.

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Height: cm
Weight: kg
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Any questions about our acoustic modules?

Enquiry for a HOFA acoustic curtain mounting system
So that we can prepare a suitable offer for you, we will need further information - preferably photos to the intended location of your HOFA acoustic curtain. Simply answer the following questions, attach photos and then send the mail. If you can't answer a question, just leave the answer field blank. If we need further information, we will contact you. Where (e.g. window, door, doorway, wall) and for what purpose should the curtain be installed? Answer: Does the curtain width you specified already include the additional fabric for the drapery? Answer: What is the material of the ceiling (when using a curtain rail)? We recommend a floor- and ceiling-flush mounting method for the use of our ISO sound insulation curtains. Answer: What is the material of the wall (when using a curtain rod)? Answer: How long should the curtain rod or curtain rail be? Please consider the additional length the curtain needs if you want to push the curtain all the way to the side. Answer: For room-high installation: What is the clear room height? Should the curtain touch the floor or be slightly hovering? Answer: Please let us know your full address and contact details so that we can send you an offer incl. shipping costs: First name: Surname: Street / house number: Postcode / City: Country: Thank you very much for your enquiry - you will shortly receive a non-binding offer from us.