HOFA Acoustic Curtain STUDIO

The acoustic curtain STUDIO offers perfect acoustic properties for optimising room acoustics.

HOFA acoustic curtains can be installed in front of windows, doors or walls using various mounting systems.
We offer a discounted standard version with a fixed size, suspension and various colour combinations. Individual sizes, suspensions and colour combinations are possible via the product configurator or upon request.

white | beige | red | bordeaux | blue | dark blue | light grey | dark grey | black

  • Special multi-layer design for an optimal acoustical efficiency
  • Significant reduction of light transmission
  • Heat and cold insulating
  • Materials of low flammability used, DIN 4102/B1
  • Mounting with metal eyelets (40mm) or stage band
  • Suitable for mounting on curtain rails and rods (you will find suitable mounting material in our shop, in the configurator and with the help of our team)
  • Seamed sides and bottom
  • Synthetic leather as edge protection in different colours available on direct request
  • Dimout version with video grading qualified light transmission reducing surface
  • Made in Germany
  • Very high acoustic efficiency
  • Opaque, as well as heat and cold insulating
  • Materials of low flammability used, DIN 4102/B1
  • Mounting with Metal eyelets with 40 mm inner diameter (16 mm Metal eyelets or stage band are available as custom-made products)
  • Suitable for mounting on curtain rails and rods (you will find suitable mounting material in our shop)
  • Seamed sides and bottom
  • Handmade, in-house production in Germany

Acoustic Curtain STUDIO 2 Standard

HOFA Akustikvorhang STUDIO 2 Standard
Only 206,10 € was 229,00 €

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  • Dimensions: 2,2 m x 2 m (H x W)
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg
  • 2 plies of acoustic cloth (600 g per m²)
  • other sizes are available on request

You need a curtain that perfectly fits your individual requirements?

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Maximum sound quality

Our acoustic curtain STUDIO was developed specially to fulfill highest requirements in terms of sound absorption. Different to regular curtains and drapes, our acoustic curtains absorb very well sound down to lower mid frequencies. This curtain is ideal wherever high sound absorption and a reduction of the reverberation time is needed: in studios as well as all rooms exposed to high sound pressure.

Highest Quality

HOFA acoustic curtains are made in Germany by HOFA. Excellent manufacturing and high quality materials make our curtains good looking even after years. All curtains have metal eyelets, are seamed and can be used from both sides.

Sound absorption and insulation of HOFA acoustic curtains

Our acoustic curtains have the highest efficiency in the medium and high frequencies.

HOFA acoustic curtains are available in several layers and are of extra heavy quality. Selected materials of high grammage are used. The acoustic effectiveness examined by test institutes resulted in a substantial sound absorption already starting from approximately 300 Hz.

At 500 Hz, the STUDIO curtain absorbs over 80% of the sound energy in the piled state (red curve), while it absorbs slightly less than 80% of the sound energy in the unshirred state (blue curve).

We take care of your room acoustics

Simply send us a sketch and pictures of your room and our experienced acousticians will be happy to create an individual room acoustics planning for you.
This way, you will know exactly how to improve the acoustics of your room.

Any questions about our acoustic modules?