HOFA Acoustic Modules in the Control Room

The control room is the heart of the studio. The acoustic demands are especially high here: in order to evaluate recordings, mixes and masterings, you need a balanced and controlled room sound. Good acoustics are also a must for an audiophile listening experience in the hi-fi room.

Click the absorbers, diffusors and basstraps in the picture and hear how different acoustic configurations affect the room sound.

All recordings were done in a 24 m² control room in the HOFA-Studios. Since the recordings were made with a dummy head microphone, we recommend headphones for the best possible sound impression.

The claves move from left to right in the stereo field. The acoustic treatment improves the stereo localisation.
With the sine sweep (logarithmic up to 1 kHz) you can evaluate the influence of acoustic modules – especially the HOFA Basstraps – on room modes. The unbalanced frequency response of the untreated room becomes more and more linear due to the acoustic modules.