Absorbers are perfectly suitable for applications where the best possible acoustics are required, for example in recording studios, home cinemas or home-recordings.

The Absorber ECO offers the same acoustical properties as the HOFA Absorber and is compatible with the patented HOFA Frame principle. Unlike the HOFA Absorber, which is enclosed in a wooden frame, the Absorber ECO is made of Basotect® covered with cloth.

Available colours

black | grey | anthracite | royal blue | bordeaux | cream | orange

HOFA Absorber ECO

x HOFA Absorber ECO grey only 49,90 €
  • Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: approx. 0,42 kg
  • High efficiency: at 200 Hz about 50% of absorption, complete absorption above 500 Hz
  • For mounting on walls and ceilings we recommend the HOFA Frame
  • For professional and better working conditions in recording and control rooms as well as for an audiophile Hi-Fi listening experience
  • Basotect® acoustic foam, DIN 4102-1 / B1, of low flammability
  • Manufactured by hand, in close cooperation with the sheltered workshop (Lebenshilfe, Germany)

Room Acoustics Planning

We are happy to create an individual acoustic planning with an extensive calculation and 3D visualisation of your rooms.

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