HOFA Absorber ECO

Effective & economical

Sounds good

This module absorbs mid and high frequencies in the room and reduces the reverb time. Wherever you mix or listen to music, absorbers are effective tools to control the sound of your room.

And the price sounds fine, too

Unlike its “big brother” that is fitted into a wooden frame, the Absorber ECO is completely covered with cloth. This reduces weight and cheapens the fabrication – a price advantage that we pass on directly to you.

It just fits

You don´t have to compromise – neither concerning the acoustic efficiency nor the variability. Like our diffusors and absorbers the Absorber ECO can be used with the HOFA Frame.


Size and weight
  • Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: approx. 0,42 kg
Available colours
  • black | grey | anthracite
  • royal blue | bordeaux | cream | orange

Combination is key

Absorption & diffusion

In many cases it’s recommended to use HOFA Absorbers in combination with our Diffusors. In rooms where you listen to music (control rooms, hi-fi rooms, home theaters, …) absorbers and basstraps are important elements of a balanced sound.

Live end – dead end: LEDE

The LEDE concept is the ideal solution to achieve a perfect listening environment: sound energy is reduced with HOFA Absorbers and Basstraps (Dead End) and sound is scattered at the rear end of the room with HOFA Diffusors (Live End).

Versatile and flexible

Absorbers and Diffusors can be combined as desired in the HOFA Frame. Mounting is very simple, both on walls and the ceiling.

Acoustic modules at work

Listen to these audio examples of various instrument and vocal recordings in different acoustic environments.

Free acoustics advice

Customised solution

We're happy to plan the perfect acoustics for your room free of charge and without obligation.

Your room - our design

Send us the dimensions of your room and some pictures or give us a call. Whether you want a perfect control room, an ideal recording room, the ultimate home theater or you simply want to improve your music room - we'll design your perfect acoustic environment.

What do I gain with the HOFA Absorber ECO?

Absorbers make for a reduction of the reverberation time

With the HOFA Absorber ECO you gain control of the reverberation of mid and high frequencies – an important prerequisite for a good listening environment, but also for many recording settings.

In the recording room

Evenly spread the HOFA Absorber ensure direct and close sounding signals. For recordings of vocals or a narrator the use of absorbers is highly recommended. But also if you’re working with instruments that you want to sound close and direct, absorbers can be helpful.

In the listening room

Especially in rooms where you listen to music it’s important to reduce the reverberation time to a useful level. With HOFA Absorbers you can achieve an almost ideal time of 300-500 ms in mid and high frequencies.

How many in your room?

How many modules actually are needed in your room depends on the factors of spatial geometry, interior and purpose – so if you have any questions about quantity or installation of our modules, simply contact us.

Why do you need acoustic modules - and why HOFA?

Let there be light...

Have a look or try to paint a picture in low light conditions... in daylight you will certainly judge many things quite differently.
In some ways, hearing is very similar to seeing: you need the right conditions to make the right decisions that lead to the best possible results. Room modes, flutter echoes and uncontrolled reverberation prevent optimal sound and therefore professional productions.

Why HOFA acoustic modules?

HOFA-Akustik modules solve your acoustic problems fast, effectively and flexibly. Our modules are installed or mounted quickly and easily - and they are extremely efficient.
Developed in one of the largest recording studios in Germany and used in many award-winning music productions, they prove this every day.
HOFA Frames let you change the sound of your room in no time.

Sound absorption capacity

Measured and approved

In our absorbers we use Basotect® (100mm), since this material absorbs sound energy in an effective and well balanced way.
The diagram gives information on the sound absorption coefficient in dependence on the thickness of the layer.

Basotect® is a registered trademark of BASF SE

Was Sie sonst noch wissen sollten

Akustikmodule an der Decke
HOFA-Wechselrahmen lassen sich auch problemlos an der Decke anbringen. Bestückt mit Absorbern oder Diffusoren werden auf diese Weise niedrige Zimmerdecken akustisch entschärft, hohe Decken bekommen ein lebendiges und kontrolliertes Reflexionsverhalten.

Wir handeln nachhaltig
Bei der Herstellung unserer Akustikmodule arbeiten wir eng mit einer lokalen Behindertenwerkstatt zusammen und achten auf kurze Verkehrswege. Immer wenn möglich geben wir umweltgerechten Materialien den Vorzug und legen auch bei der Gestaltung unserer Firmenräume Wert auf den Umweltschutz.

Any questions about our acoustic modules?