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black | grey | anthracite | royal blue | bordeaux | cream white | orange

HOFA Basstrap

  • Effective against rumbling bass and standing waves
  • Full-range absorber that reaches deep frequencies
  • Also ideal as speaker stands or acoustic walls
  • Effective reduction of reverberation time
  • Made of high quality materials for an audiophile listening pleasure
  • Manufactured by hand, in close cooperation with the sheltered workshop (Lebenshilfe, “Made in Germany”)

HOFA Basstrap

HOFA Basstrap anthracite only 159,90 €
  • Dimensions: Height 104 cm, Width 43 cm
  • Weight approx. 14,5 kg
  • Special sizes (diameter unchanged) on request

HOFA Basstrap Baby

HOFA Baby Basstrap anthracite only 109,90 €
  • Dimensions: Height 51 cm, Width 43 cm
  • Weight approx. 7,7 kg
  • Special sizes (diameter unchanged) on request

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HOFA Basstraps reliably absorb low frequencies for balanced room sound in studios, recording rooms, home cinemas & hi-fi rooms.

Acoustical Effectiveness of HOFA Basstraps

The measurements were conducted on 21.11.2011 in a reverberation room wich has been designed to fulfil DIN EN ISO 354:2003.

What does this measurement show?

From 80 Hz to below 200 Hz the basstraps absorb over 90% of sound energy*. Well below 80 Hz sound energy is still noticeably absorbed.
It can also be seen clearly that the absorption above 1KHz is less intense to obtain a natural ambient sound.

Approximately calculated in reference to the curved surface area of the HOFA Basstraps wich is about 1,35 m2.

Download HOFA Basstraps test record (german text):
Measurement of equivalent sound absorption area according to DIN EN ISO 354

With a typical placement in the room corners, the HOFA Basstrap achieves a weighted sound absorption coefficient of αw=0.80 (L). The determination was carried out according to DIN EN ISO 11654.

Download HOFA Basstraps test record (german text):
Measurement of sound absorption according to DIN EN ISO 11654

We take care of your room acoustics

Simply send us a sketch and pictures of your room and our experienced acousticians will be happy to create an individual room acoustics planning for you.
This way, you will know exactly how to improve the acoustics of your room.