HOFA Basstrap

Efficient & useful

Controlling the low end efficiently

The HOFA Basstrap absorbs the greatest part of sound energy in the lower frequencies. Especially when placed in the corners the Basstraps make for a reduced reverberation time in the low end and an overall more balanced frequency range.

High and mid frequencies stay vivid

Unlike many of its contestants the HOFA Basstrap is reducing less energy in the range above 1 Khz. The acoustics stay lively and natural. In this frequency range we recommend the use of HOFA Absorbers and Diffusors.

Two sizes for all cases

With the two different versions, many rooms can be equipped with bass traps from floor to ceiling.
Quite incidentally the Basstrap baby with a height of 51 cm is a convenient (and acoustically effective) stand in recording situations.


Available colours
  • black | grey | anthracite
  • royal blue | bordeaux | cream | orange
Size & weight
  • Height 103 cm, Width 43 cm
  • Weight approx. 14,5 kg
Basstrap Baby
  • Height 51 cm, Width 43 cm
  • Weight approx. 7,7 kg

Free acoustics advice

Customised solution

We're happy to plan the perfect acoustics for your room free of charge and without obligation.

Your room - our design

Send us the dimensions of your room and some pictures or give us a call. Whether you want a perfect control room, an ideal recording room, the ultimate home theater or you simply want to improve your music room - we'll design your perfect acoustic environment.

What do I gain with HOFA Basstraps?

Better recordings and mixes

There’s a lot more energy in low frequencies than in mid or high frequencies. Especially in rectangular corners the bass is overly loud. To reduce the reverberation of a room in a balanced manner, we recommend using the HOFA Basstraps – preferably placed in the corners.

Highly enjoyable listening experiences

In home theater or hi-fi rooms, a controlled low end is essential for untroubled music and movie enjoyment: You’ve never heard your speakers like that before!

Basstraps as speaker stands

With their height of 1.03 m, the basstraps are also ideal as speaker stands with positive effects on the acoustics in the room.

Practical tipps:

To achieve even more absorption of the low end, you can place the Basstrap with some distance to the room corner. For more absorption below 80 Hz, basstraps can be set in a row.

Why do you need acoustic modules - and why HOFA?

Let there be light...

Have a look or try to paint a picture in low light conditions... in daylight you will certainly judge many things quite differently.
In some ways, hearing is very similar to seeing: you need the right conditions to make the right decisions that lead to the best possible results. Room modes, flutter echoes and uncontrolled reverberation prevent optimal sound and therefore professional productions.

Why HOFA acoustic modules?

HOFA-Akustik modules solve your acoustic problems fast, effectively and flexibly. Our modules are installed or mounted quickly and easily - and they are extremely efficient.
Developed in one of the largest recording studios in Germany and used in many award-winning music productions, they prove this every day.
HOFA Frames let you change the sound of your room in no time.

DIN measurement of the HOFA Basstraps

The measurements were conducted on 21.11.2011 in an echo chamber wich has been designed to fulfil DIN EN ISO 354:2003.

What does this measurement show?

From 80 Hz to below 200 Hz the basstraps absorb over 90% of sound energy*. Well below 80 Hz sound energy is still noticeably absorbed.
It can also be seen clearly that the absorption above 1KHz is less intense to obtain a natural ambient sound.

Approximately calculated in reference to the curved surface area of the HOFA Basstraps wich is about 1,3508m2.

Download HOFA Basstraps test record (german text):
Messung der äquivalenten Schallabsorptionsfläche nach DIN EN ISO 354

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