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HOFA Acoustic Curtain

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HOFA acoustic curtains with their excellent acoustic properties can be used to improve the acoustic behaviour of large surfaces.

HOFA acoustic curtains are available in two versions STUDIO and ISO which can be attached with different mounting systems. In front of windows, doors or walls, they offer a high sound absorption and protection against environmental noise.

  • dimensions: width 200 cm, height 220 cm
  • sizes and colour combinations can be customized >> go to Acoustic Curtain Configurator
  • made in Germany
  • special three layer design for an optimal acoustical efficiency
  • materials of low flammability used, DIN 4102/B1
  • metal eyelets with 40 mm inner diameter on the upper edge for hanging on standard curtain rods (curtain rods not included)
  • seamed sides and bottom
  • available in 10 different colours

You need a curtain that perfectly fits your individual requirements?
>> Acoustic Curtain Configurator

HOFA acoustic courtain STUDIO
only 299,00 € | buy acoustic modules
  • high absorption
  • minimizes reverberation time and room reflections
  • weight approx. 4,0 kg
  • very high quality and extra heavy structure: 900 g per m²
HOFA acoustic curtain ISO
only 299,00 € | buy acoustic modules
  • combination of absorption and reflection
  • insulation and division of rooms, protection from outside noise
  • weight approx. 5,3 kg
  • very high quality and extra heavy structure: 1200 g per m²

Acoustic Curtain FAQ

What is the difference between the HOFA Acoustic Curtains “STUDIO” and “ISO” and which is the right one for me?

Akustikvorhang ISO - 3 Lagen

We decided to design two kinds of curtains, so we can treat every acoustic problem more precisely.
The HOFA Acoustic Curtain “STUDIO” is designed to reach maximum absorption. Manufactured of extra heavy fabric, the absorption – unlike regular curtains – works very effectively far into the low mid-range frequencies. It is used in cases where a maximum possible linear absorption is required, for example in recording studios, control rooms, recording rooms or home theaters. Also for living rooms where it is very reverberant, it can provide a calming of the room's acoustics.
The HOFA Acoustic Curtain “ISO” combines sound absorption and sound insulation. Two layers of heavy acoustic material enable efficient absorption of high and mid frequencies. In addition, an acoustic impermeable foil is incorporated in order to enhance the sound insulation. Due to its internal structure, the curtain can be used as acoustic isolation for front doors, doorways, stairways or windows.

Which maximum absorption and insulation coefficient can the HOFA Acoustic Curtain reach?

HOFA Acoustic Curtains are made of three layers and extra heavy quality. Sound absorption and insulation therefore already start at about 100 Hz. At 500 Hz, a STUDIO curtain with a gathering of 1,5 (red line) already absorbs more than 80 % of the sound energy. Without gathering (blue line), a little less than 80% of the sound energy is absorbed.


Can the HOFA Acoustic Curtain be helpful to isolate noise from outside, for example street noise?

Yes it can be helpful, but: street noise is usually a very wideband noise mixture. It includes high, mid-range and sometimes very low frequencies, for example buses or trucks passing by. In the mid and high frequency range, the HOFA Acoustic Curtain works very effectively. For physical reasons it is not possible to achieve an effective insulation in the low end. So it depends on the exact nature of the (street) noise, whether the HOFA Acoustic Curtain is the right approach to improve the acoustics in this case. We would like to talk to you personally on your individual acoustic problem. Feel free to contact us: or by phone: +49 7251 3472-400

Can I purchase curtains in individual customized sizes?

Yes, custom sizes are possible. We can manufacture precisely for your individual needs in any dimension in height or width. You can create your own curtain easily with the HOFA Acoustic Curtain Configurator.

How much are the custom sizes and do they cause extra charge?

The price of a curtain is dependent on its size – width x height. 

What are the delivery times and production times?

The production time is usually 7-8 working days after the order is placed. The delivery time is approximately 1-2 working days within Germany. Don’t hesitate to contact us concerning worldwide delivery times. 

Is it possible to obtain fabric samples or color sample cards of the curtains?

Vorhang Farben

Sure, we are glad to send you fabric samples or color patterns. All we need is your postal adress. Feel free to contact us: or by phone: +49 7251 3472-400

Should the fabric samples be sent back?

Yes, the sample is a loan an should be sent back. The return costs won't be taken over by us. When a order is placed there will be 5€ subtracted from your invoice.

Is a mounting system included?

A mounting system is not included in delivery. The choice of a suitable mounting system is often dependent on many factors, so we'd rather give you personal advice. You are most welcome to contact us: or by phone: +49 7251 3472-400

Is it possibile to mount the curtain on “normal” curtain tracks/rods?

Basically this is possible, but you should consider the following:

  • Is the installation system of sufficient strength for a curtain of about 5 kg (for custom sizes even more)?
  • Do the eyelets fit with the existing hooks?
How can the HOFA Acoustic Curtain be attached to a wall or a ceiling?

The HOFA Acoustic Curtain can be attached by using the eyelets (diameter 40 mm, every 20 cm, color: silver) on any sufficiently stable curtain rod. The curtain weight in the standard sizes is approximately 5 kg. We can provide eligible mounting systems in individual lengths.
It is also possible to mount the acoustic curtains to a curtain track at the ceiling. In this case, suitable hooks should be used. We can also offer you compatible curtain tracks – feel free to contact us: or by phone: +49 7251 3472-400

Acoustic Curtain Mounting Rod and Rail

Is it also possible to manufacture the HOFA Acoustic Curtains with a curtain tape?

Yes, there are black and white curtain tapes, which you can order in the Acoustic Curtain Configurator.

Are the HOFA Acoustic Curtains washable?

Due to fire protection the curtain is not washable. After cleaning, we can’t guarantee the low flammability according to DIN 4102 B 1, so we do not recommend washing the curtains.

What is the gathering?

The effect of a curtain can be significantly increased if it is gathered.  We recommend a factor of at least 1.5 to 2 for optimal reuslts. To calculate the right size of the acoustic curtain, for example at a window or door, the following equation can be applied:

B (width of the curtain) = b (width of the window or door) x r (gathering = 1.5 to 2)

What is the distance from an eyelet to the upper curtain edge?

Vorhang Maße

The distance between the middle of the eyelet to the upper curtain edge is approximately 5 cm. A detailed drawing with all relevant dimensions of the curtains in standard size can be found here.

Acoustic curtains made-to-measure

HOFA Acoustic Curtain Configurator

Use this configurator to assemble your individual acoustic curtain.

The HOFA Acoustic Curtains ISO and STUDIO are also available in a less expensive standard size of 2,2 m x 2 m (Height x Width).
  1. First of all, please select the desired version: ISO for acoustical insulation or STUDIO for best reduction of room reverberation.
  2. Select the colours of front and rear side.
  3. Enter the desired measurements - height and width - for the curtain.
    The minimum dimensions are 30 cm each. The configurator can only process curtains up to 4 on 6 (6 on 4) meters. For larger measurements please contact us directly.
    If both measures exceed 3 m, the curtain will be made up of two parts.
  4. Select the desired mounting.
  5. Now you can add your curtain to the shopping cart. At this point you may also configure additional curtains and add them to the cart.
  6. To place your order, click "go to cart" and complete the check out at

1) Choose Type


2) Choose Colours


3) Enter Measurements

4) Select mounting

Weight: kg

When your curtain is heavier than 10 kg we would recommend our curtain rail system for heavy curtains. If you have questions or you want to place a order just contact us at or give us a call at +49 7251 3472-400.

5) Order

incl. 0 % discount
incl.   % VAT


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If you have questions or want a non-binding acoustic advice - call us under the number +49 7251 3472-400 or write us an email at

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