HOFA Diffusor

Lively & natural

Sounds good

The two-dimensional HOFA Diffusors ensure a vivid and controlled room sound. Diffusors help you to achieve a better and more natural sound, wherever music is played or recorded.

Looks good

Our Diffusors are made of birch plywood, and they look as good as they sound. Excellent workmanship and the natural materials make HOFA Diffusors optically appealing in any room.


Size and weight
  • Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm x 11 cm
  • 36 compartments, with 8 cm x 8 cm each, wall thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2 kg

HOFA QR-Diffusor

Four become one

For perfect and symmetrical diffusion in your room, you can easily combine four diffusers into one large QR diffuser.

The HOFA QR-Diffusor scatters sound waves effectively and the room sound becomes more balanced and refined.

Combination is key

Absorption & diffusion

In many cases it’s recommended to use HOFA Absorbers in combination with our Diffusors. In rooms where you listen to music (control rooms, hi-fi rooms, home theaters, …) absorbers and basstraps are important elements of a balanced sound.

Live end – dead end: LEDE

The LEDE concept is the ideal solution to achieve a perfect listening environment: sound energy is reduced with HOFA Absorbers and Basstraps (Dead End) and sound is scattered at the rear end of the room with HOFA Diffusors (Live End).

Versatile and flexible

Absorbers and Diffusors can be combined as desired in the HOFA Frame. Mounting is very simple, both on walls and the ceiling.

Acoustic modules at work

Listen to these audio examples of various instrument and vocal recordings in different acoustic environments.

What can HOFA Diffusors improve?

Diffusors ensure lively room reflections.

HOFA Diffusors help you to realise professional and natural room acoustics. They improve signal location, especially in the mid and high frequencies and prevent annoying flutter echoes. Thus, instruments, vocals and loudspeakers can show their full potential.

In the live room

HOFA Diffusors ensure a natural and balanced room sound when combined with a sufficient number of absorbers. We especially recommend diffusors when recording acoustic instruments like guitars or percussion.

In the control room

Diffusors are used in control rooms in addition to absorbers in order to achieve a balanced mix of absorption and lively room sound and to eliminate annoying flutter echoes on smooth surfaces.

How many do you need?

One to four modules are ideal for the near field. They ensure balanced acoustics during the recording of instruments.
How many modules are actually needed in your room depends on the geometry, interior design and intended use of your room. If you have any questions about the number of modules or the installation, please contact us.

Why do you need acoustic modules - and why HOFA?

Let there be light...

Have a look or try to paint a picture in low light conditions... in daylight you will certainly judge many things quite differently.
In some ways, hearing is very similar to seeing: you need the right conditions to make the right decisions that lead to the best possible results. Room modes, flutter echoes and uncontrolled reverberation prevent optimal sound and therefore professional productions.

Why HOFA acoustic modules?

HOFA-Akustik modules solve your acoustic problems fast, effectively and flexibly. Our modules are installed or mounted quickly and easily - and they are extremely efficient.
Developed in one of the largest recording studios in Germany and used in many award-winning music productions, they prove this every day.
HOFA Frames let you change the sound of your room in no time.

Any questions about our acoustic modules?