HOFA Mobilwand

Intelligent acoustics

Acoustic arrangement

The Mobile Wall allows to adjust the acoustic character of separate parts of the room.
With this acoustic room divider it is possible to separate various instruments or to achieve a fast change of the room acoustics.

Patented frame principle

The system using frames with different acoustic modules was developed by HOFA in order to adjust acoustics quickly and easily.
This simple and effective principle was transferred to the Mobile Wall. The wall is build by one or more frames on a dolly, the installation is easy and fast.
Due to the dollly wheels it can be placed anywhere in the room.


Available in 4 sizes

You can buy the HOFA Mobile Wall in 4 different sizes. Every added frame builds a new tier that can be fitted with two more HOFA acoustic modules.

How does the HOFA Mobile Wall work?

Installation is a breeze

The HOFA Mobile Wall is set up and ready to use in just a few minutes. It can be equipped with HOFA Diffusors, Absorbers and Absorbers ECO.
The outstanding flexibility of the frame principle remains unconfined: You can change the modules at any time with no effort.
The acoustic modules are available separately at the HOFA-Akustik Shop.

For a clear view

The Acrylic Glass Element

The separately available acrylic glass window fits perfectly in the HOFA Frames and allows a perfect line of sight in the recording room.

The element is sold separately and can be ordered

Why do you need acoustic modules - and why HOFA?

Let there be light...

Have a look or try to paint a picture in low light conditions... in daylight you will certainly judge many things quite differently.
In some ways, hearing is very similar to seeing: you need the right conditions to make the right decisions that lead to the best possible results. Room modes, flutter echoes and uncontrolled reverberation prevent optimal sound and therefore professional productions.

Why HOFA acoustic modules?

HOFA-Akustik modules solve your acoustic problems fast, effectively and flexibly. Our modules are installed or mounted quickly and easily - and they are extremely efficient.
Developed in one of the largest recording studios in Germany and used in many award-winning music productions, they prove this every day.
HOFA Frames let you change the sound of your room in no time.

Any questions about our acoustic modules?