HOFA Wall Sail

Absorber made of HOFA PureAkust®

HOFA Wall Sail

The HOFA Wall Sail is an absorber which reduces interfering sound reflections on walls and minimizes the reverberation time. The highly effective absorption quality is achieved through our innovative HOFA PureAkust®. The specially developed material ensures a pleasant living and working environment with high speech intelligibility.

The puristic look allows the use as a design wall element. The acoustic effectiveness can be increased significantly by using the optional wall mounting system HOFA PureFix. The magnetic solution offers a variable adjustment of the wall distance between 4,5 and 9 cm. Therefore, the HOFA Wall Sail is also a suitable solution for demanding control and HiFi rooms.

  • Made from recyclable and sustainable HOFA PureAkust®
  • Acoustically highly effective (sound absorber class A)
  • Self-supporting and frameless
  • Flame retardant and allergy friendly
  • Material thickness: 4 cm
  • Mounting set included in delivery
  • Special sizes on request
  • Variable wall distance with the innovative HOFA PureFix (optionally available)

Exemplary product illustrations

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The scope of delivery includes two sawtooth hangers for flush mounting.

Alternatively, choose the innovative HOFA PureFix wall mounting set for installation with a variable wall distance between 4,5 and 9 cm. This solution increases the acoustic effectivness, can compensate uneven walls and is able to redirect reflections through an angled attachment.

x HOFA Wandsegel S weiß only 129,90 €
x HOFA Wandsegel M weiß only 129,90 €
x HOFA Wandsegel M weiß only 131,50 €

The HOFA Wall Sail is the effective & elegant acoustic element for your wall.

Areas of application

  • Stylish wall design with an acoustic effect
  • Perfect addition to the HOFA Ceiling Sail and the HOFA Acoustic Divider
  • Minimization of interfering sound reflections on the wall
  • Controlled reverberation time
  • Increases speech intelligibility
  • Adjustment of the absorption behavior with HOFA PureFix (optionally available)

Office space

At home

Hi-Fi rooms

Production halls

Gastronomy / events

A HOFA Wall Sail in 120 x 120 cm consists of 51 recycled PET bottles

HOFA PureAkust®

Our absorption material

  • Health-friendly usage compared to conventional acoustic products made of glass or rock wool
  • Tested for harmful substances and odorless
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (highest product class)
  • Bacteriostatic and allergy-friendly
  • Free of formaldehyde
  • CO2-saving production and 100% recyclable
  • Flame retardant B1 according to DIN 4102-1 and EN 13501-1

Technical details

  • Sound absorber class A in typical application (according to EN ISO 11654)
  • Much higher absorption than standard brand products (up to 55% compared to melamine resin foam and up to 70% compared to knobbed foam of the same thickness)


  • Effectively reduces reverberation time
  • Avoids annoying reflections & flutter echoes
  • Improves speech intelligibility considerably

Acoustic effectiveness

Despite the low material thickness of 40 mm, which gives the wall sail a subtle look, HOFA PureAkust S® offers excellent absorption behavior. Using the optional HOFA PureFix wall mounting set, the absorption capacity at low frequencies can be increased significantly .

Measurement of sound absorption in-situ according to DIN CEN/TS 1793-5

HOFA PureFix wall mounting set

Like all porous absorbers, the HOFA Wall Sail benefits from optimal positioning at a distance from the wall. The absorber can work best where the sound particle velocity has its maximum. The magnetic telescopic holders of the innovative mounting set make this possible. The wall sail can be attached in no time at all and the distance to the wall can be adjusted infinitely between 4.5 and 9 cm. With this measure, the wall sail achieves the highest sound absorber class and is performant even at lower frequencies.

Application Pro-Audio

A horizontal angulation of the wall sail is possible by different settings of the holder. This allows an advantageous deflection of early reflections in the area between the listening point and the loudspeakers.
Thanks to the 3/8“ thread, the absorber can be easily mounted on conventional microphone stands. In this way, every recording situation can be managed in regard of the acoustics, even with mobile on-site recordings. The lightweight acoustic elements are useful problem solvers to reduce crosstalk and to control the excitation of the room.

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