Acoustic Measurement by HOFA

Whether control room, recording room, rehearsal room, hi-fi room, home theater or office – an acoustic measurement of a room is the best basis for the optimisation of the room’s acoustics.

We come to your place or venue with our professional measurement instrumentation and perform precise measurings for the ideal planning – and all at a surprisingly affordable rate.

The acquired data and the resulting insights form a reliable basis for effective measures. Theses measures are described in a free and non-binding planning in compliance with your wishes.

Engaged equipment

  • Norsonic  dodecahedron – omnidirectional speaker for acoustic measurings according to ISO 3382
  • Norsonic amplifier, especially designed for building acoustics
  • Integrated, radio-controlled noise generator (white, pink and red/white noise)
  • Balanced input for the reduction of magnetic and capacitive interference

We measure

  • Sound level
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Phase response
  • Room modes
  • Reverberation time

HOFA acoustic measurement and analysis

From 690 € (incl. VAT plus travel costs)

per room up to 50 m² including a non-binding acoustic planning

The cost of the measurement can be credited proportionally for an order of HOFA acoustic modules.

Please contact us for more details:

Noise level metering by HOFA

Noise at a place of work can lead to an impairment of concentrativeness and also cause long-term damages.

In addition to a measurement of reverberatione time, a noise level metering is important for offices, production plants and during events. This is about workers’ protechtion and the protection against hearing disorder in general.

For such a metering a trained specialist comes to your place and operates a metering in accordance to VDI Directive 3760. We also provide meterings on events according to DIN 15905-5.

After that we can plan acoustical measures in order to reduce the noise according to the “TRLV Lärm”  and the “Lärm- und Vibrations-Arbeitsschutzverordnung (LärmVibrationsArbSchV)”

We do not meter vibrations durings these measurements.

Engaged equipment:
  • Noise level meter according to DIN EN 61672-1 (Klasse II)
  • Measuring microphone
We measure:
  • Noise exposure limit LEX
  • Peak sound pressure level LpCpeak
  • Noise rating leve
  • Equivalent permanent noise level Leq