Lightweight, mobile and acoustically highly effective: HOFA Acoustic Divider – now on sale!


The No. 1 in Germany

Originally developed for the most demanding applications in control rooms and recording studios, HOFA acoustic modules and curtains are used by musicians and producers worldwide for the professional optimisation of room acoustics, as well as in hi-fi rooms, concert halls, home cinemas, music schools, broadcast studios, offices and workshops.

HOFA acoustic modules are protected by trademark and patent and are produced in close cooperation with the workshop for people with special needs (Lebenshilfe).

HOFA acoustic curtains are manufactured in our own tailor shop in Germany. We can manufacture curtains according to your individual wishes and dimensions and guarantee the highest quality.

HOFA Acoustic Curtain

If you are looking for a cost-effective and flexible solution for the optimisation of room acoustics or need effective sound insulation, the multilayer, highly effective HOFA acoustic curtains are the perfect choice – whether at home, in the office or in production halls.

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HOFA Basstrap

HOFA Basstraps guarantee a precise sound in the low frequencies.

HOFA Diffusor

HOFA Diffusers are effective acoustic elements for the optimisation of room reflections.

HOFA Absorber

The HOFA Absorber effectively reduces the reverberation time of mid and high frequencies.

HOFA Ceiling Sail

The ceiling sail consists of acoustically highly effective HOFA PureAkust®
and counteracts unwanted reverberation in your room.

Special: Save up to 10%

HOFA Wall Sail

The HOFA Wall Sail is an absorber which reduces interfering sound reflections on walls and minimizes the reverberation time.

Special: Save up to 20%

New! HOFA Acoustic Divider

The HOFA Acoustic Divider is a lightweight, mobile and versatile absorber. Wherever it is placed, it provides more quiet and good acoustic separation.

Special: Save up to 15%


HOFA Basstraps natural

The HOFA Basstraps are also available as a natural product with sheep’s wool filling with excellent acoustic properties.


HOFA Frame

The HOFA Frame makes it easy to install and swap acoustic modules on walls and ceilings.

Installation Service

The installation service is one of the services of HOFA.
Fast, reliable and professional!


Eco-friendly & Responsible

  • We work with local workshops for the disabled to manufacture our acoustic modules.
  • We make sure that traffic routes are short.
  • We prioritise environmentally friendly materials.
  • Our solar collector system covers our electricity consumption almost completely and we heat with a cogeneration of heat and power.
  • Our products are designed for longevity and quality.

Room Acoustics Planning

We are happy to create an individual acoustic planning with an extensive calculation and 3D visualisation of your rooms.


»I installed the modules and I was speechless. The difference was impressive. All audible flutter echoes disappeared and the room sounds “tight” but open and natural at the same time. I feel much more comfortable in my beautiful studio now.«

Nils Frahm
Pianist and composer, Berlin

HOFA Acoustic Picture

HOFA Acoustic Pictures are used everywhere, where highest demands are made on acoustics & aesthetics of the room.

HOFA Mobile Wall

The HOFA mobile wall can be equipped with HOFA Diffusers, Absorbers and acrylic glass modules.