Room Acoustics for

Studio and Control Rooms

Room acoustics play an important role in recording, producing, mixing and mastering.
Live rooms without adequate treatment often have uncontrolled reverb, flutter echoes or an unbalanced frequency response. In control rooms, a multitude of similar problems occur which can make it simply impossible to evaluate a mix.

HOFA-Akustik offers the right solutions for all areas of professional studio productions. Contact our team of experienced acousticians now and receive an individual room plan with acoustic calculations and 3D rendering.

Acoustic Measurement

We’re happy to visit you with our professional measurement equipment to carry out precise measurements on site for an ideal room acoustics planning – at a surprisingly affordable rate.

The collected data and the resulting information form a reliable basis for an effective acoustic treatment. This is the basis for our non-binding acoustic planning according to your wishes.

Flexible acoustics thanks to frames

Conventional acoustic elements are usually permanently installed and therefore do not allow any subsequent adjustment of the room acoustics. The HOFA acoustic modules can be replaced easily thanks to the innovative frame system. You can configure your studio room sound exactly as the respective recording or mixing situation requires. All in just a few simple steps!

Even more flexible with mobile walls

Flexible acoustics are particularly important in live rooms. Effectively separating different instruments or vocals acoustically is essential. Depending on the recording technique, you need different reverb times or reflection types.

The HOFA mobile wall can be filled with absorbers, diffusors and acrylic glass modules and is thus much more than just an acoustic divider. The four durable wheels provide the necessary movability.

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