HOFA Basstrap natural

Filling material: sheep’s wool
The eco-friendly solution against boomy bass.

Effective & eco-friendly

Sound absorption

The ecological alternative to the HOFA Basstrap is filled with sheep’s wool. This wool has excellent absorption properties in the bass and low-mids.
Measurements have shown that the HOFA Basstrap natural, compared to the model with acoustic mineral wool, mainly works in the bass range. There is less absorption in the high frequency range.


Sheep’s wool is a renewable and CO²-neutral natural product and can be returned to the ecological cycle at any time.

Air purification

The keratin contained in sheep’s wool has the proven ability to clean the room air of odors and pollutants. The use of HOFA Basstrap natural ensures the best acoustics and a healthy room climate.


In addition to its acoustic effectiveness, our sheep’s wool has the European construction approval (ETA) and is flame-retarding.

Available colours

black | grey | anthracite | royal blue | bordeaux | cream | orange

  • Filling material: sheep’s wool
  • Effective against rumbling bass and standing waves
  • Full-range absorber that reach deep frequencies
  • Effective reduction of reverberation time
  • Made of high quality materials for an audiophile listening pleasure
  • Also ideal as speaker stands
  • Manufactured by hand, in close cooperation with the sheltered workshop (Lebenshilfe, “Made in Germany”)

SPECIAL: HOFA acoustic modules now especially well-priced!

x HOFA Basstrap natural anthracite only 179,90 159,90 €
  • Dimensions: Height 103 cm, Width 43 cm
  • Weight approx. 12,5 kg
x HOFA Baby Basstrap natural anthracite only 129,90 109,90 €
  • Dimensions: Height 51 cm, Width 43 cm
  • Weight approx. 5,7 kg

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