Room Acoustics for

Hi-Fi Rooms


Unbalanced frequency response, a nondistinctive stereo image, lack of depth … All these are problems that are often caused by unsuitable room acoustics. Our experienced acousticians use effective acoustic modules to optimize frequency response, reflection behaviour and reverberation time for a perfect listening experience.


Especially in living rooms, the visual impression is of major importance. That’s why our attractive sound enhancers are available in various colours. In addition, we manufacture highly effective acoustic pictures, which you can also have printed with individual motifs.

A Sound Like in a Recording Studio

Our first-class acoustic products were originally developed for professional recording studios. You benefit from this legacy in your audio room and will be finally able to enjoy your music the way it was recorded, mixed and mastered.

Individual Acoustic Pictures

Highly effective and optically flexible, our acoustic pictures present themselves as broadband absorbers on walls and ceilings. In addition to a variety of motifs, we can also print your desired motif. HOFA Acoustic Pictures are available in different sizes.

Variety of Colours

Basstraps, Absorbers, Diffusors and Acoustic Curtains are available in many different colours and thus integrate perfectly into your room. Of course, we are happy to send you fabric samples on request.

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