HOFA Acoustic Curtain ISO

The acoustic curtain ISO offers perfect noise insulation and acoustic separation.

HOFA acoustic curtains can be installed in front of windows, doors or walls using various mounting systems.

We offer a discounted standard variant with fixed size, suspension and various colour combinations. Individual sizes, suspensions and colour combinations are possible via the product configurator or on request.


white | beige | red | bordeaux | blue | dark blue | light grey | dark grey | black

  • Special multi layer design for an optimal acoustical efficiency
  • Materials of low flammability used, DIN 4102/B1
  • Mounting with Metal eyelets with 40 mm inner diameter (16 mm Metal eyelets or stage band are available as custom-made products)
  • Suitable for mounting on curtain rails and rods (you will find suitable mounting material in our shop)
  • Seamed sides and bottom
  • Made in Germany
x HOFA Acoustic Curtain ISO 3 Standard only 299,00 €
x HOFA Acoustic Curtain ISO 5 Standard only 499,00 €
x HOFA Acoustic Curtain ISO 7 Standard only 649,00 €
  • Dimensions: width 200 cm, height 220 cm
  • Weight: ISO 3 ca. 5,3 kg | ISO 5: 9,7 kg | ISO 7: 13,8 kg

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Maximum efficiency

Our Acoustic Curtains ISO 3, ISO 5 and ISO 7 combine sound absorption and sound insulation. Multiple layers of heavy acoustic fabric allow for an efficient absorption of high and mid frequencies. Additionally, sound reflecting foil is used to increase the sound insulation further.
These curtains are great for any situation where rooms need to be divided acoustically and reverberation needs to be reduced, for example in doorways and small offices. We recommend a 1.5 to 1 pleat ratio, so a 150 cm wide curtain covers an area of about 100 cm wide perfectly.

Highest quality

HOFA Acoustic Curtains are made in Germany by HOFA. Excellent manufacturing and high quality materials make our curtains good looking even after years. All curtains have metal eyelets, are seamed and can be used from both sides.

More layers for more sound insulation

By the extension with additional layers the HOFA acoustic curtains provide ISO 5 and ISO 7 in the comparison to the HOFA acoustic curtain ISO 3 for improved sound insulation levels.

The additional layers are the reason for the higher effectiveness. Three heavy, sound absorbing cotton layers are combined with two acoustic foils with a high density. The sound transmission is reduced tremendously.

Five-Ply Acoustic Curtain Tested:

Room Acoustics Planning

We are happy to create an individual acoustic planning with an extensive calculation and 3D visualisation of your rooms.

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