“This is the best sounding studio we’ve ever had! And the reverberation time is perfect.

First, we sent the measurements of the room including a frequency image to HOFA. We then received a detailed 3D planning + calculation and a recommendation which acoustic elements were necessary (diffusors, bass traps, acoustic sails, etc.). In our studio we also have a free-standing acoustic divider which we use for vocal recordings – the perfect solution for us.

We chose HOFA because it simply looks amazing. The modules are all beautifully designed and the contact was super nice too.”

DJ, Producer duo

Joe Joaquin

„In designing, tuning and most importantly working in many different studio environments I am always seeking to come up with a zero-compromise solution for a mixing and mastering space. […] I knew there had to be heavy acoustic curtains in my new studio to control the room response and I could not be happier with these custom-made curtains made by HOFA.
Behind the front wall there are HOFA Basstraps that super effectively tighten up the low end. It has always been the most effective – to me the only – way to truly control low end.

I can safely say it is the best sounding (and looking..) studio I have ever worked in. Hats off to HOFA once more!

Joe Joaquin
(AnnenMayKantereit, Bukahara, Mighty Oaks)
Mixer | Mastering Engineer

Nik Dean

„The acoustic modules from HOFA, especially the basstraps, worked real wonders here. My low-end before was bumping way too many frequencies from the walls back to my ears. Not gonna lie tho, “losing” bass for trap/rap producers is not easy… BUT! I realized that I never actually had a clean low-end and my room was just lying to me.

My mixing decisions and especially sound selection is so much better now with all the absorbers in here. Once again, many thanks to the guys from HOFA-Akustik who helped me out with planning and design – you did an amazing job!“

Dejan “Nik Dean” Nikolic
Multi-Gold & Platinum Producer
(Kodak Black, G-Eazy, Gunna, Tory Lanez)

Photos © Erol Hasic

Benjamin Gut

“In the front part of my studio, I have installed bass traps, ceiling sails, absorbers and acoustic curtains from HOFA, while the acoustics in the back part are deliberately kept more vivid.
With the various acoustic modules, I was able to achieve exactly the results I wanted within a very short time and with little effort – and at a price that is hard to beat!”

Benjamin Gut
Audio Engineer/Producer

Photo © Rio Basel


“I would rather give away all my synthesizers and guitars than give up good room acoustics.
Before the optimisation, I couldn’t properly judge a mix because of the extreme reverberation times
in the low frequencies, which made every song in my room sound very bass-heavy.
We were able to manage this problem very well with the basstraps and absorbers
and the result is simply outstanding.

The handling was very good. No matter how many questions or requests, I was always well advised.
I can recommend acoustic planning by HOFA to anyone who wants a good sounding room.”

Music Producer and Audio Engineer

Ralf Jung, Ampforceone Studio

“A colleague made me aware that it is the room acoustics that do not allow me to judge sounds correctly.
I then decided to order two mobile acoustic dividers and a ceiling sail from HOFA-Akustik.

The ceiling sail immediately brought an improvement in the stereo image and a change in the lower mids.
Overall, I had a much clearer, more defined sound.

Now, when mixing or evaluating sounds that have already been recorded, I put the HOFA acoustic dividers on the left and right of the studio monitors to easily handle lateral reflections and resonances.
As I edit and work on videos, I often move them out of my view to enjoy the daylight.
Sometimes, however, I create a calm visual field behind the screen with the help of the dividers, which keeps me concentrating longer.

Overall, the sound in my studio has improved a lot after the installation, and I’ve also added value by using the acoustic dividers as a sound booth… I’m completely happy!”

Ralf Jung
Ampforceone Studio

Lukas Fütterer & Sophia Rödiger, MountainMinds Studio

“The competent advice from HOFA-Akustik was extremely helpful in the implementation of our MountainMinds Studio. With the five wall sails and two bass traps, we were able to significantly improve the acoustic situation during virtual lectures and workshops.”

Lukas Fütterer & Sophia Rödiger
Bloggers, Content creators

Bastian Lennartz, Polymorph Mastering


“The HOFA acoustic modules are a great eye-catcher and extremely effective. The RT60 is practically perfect at 0.2 seconds. And with the HOFA Basstraps natural, which are filled with sheep’s wool, you are also acting sustainably.
I tip my hat to HOFA-Akustik and thank them very much.”

Bastian Lennartz
Mastering engineer
Polymorph Mastering

Acoustic room optimisation in a recording studio in Hanover, Germany

“With a HOFA Ceiling Sail, the two-layer Acoustic Curtain in front of the window, four large plus five small Basstraps and eight Absorbers, I was able to reduce the reverberation time in the small room to the desired minimum.
Twelve Diffusors in the back of the room effectively reduce the flutter echoes.
Despite the difficult room conditions, I was able to achieve a studio-quality room sound with the HOFA acoustic modules.
Even my neighbours don’t feel disturbed despite the thin walls of the old building.
The finish of the modules is great, I could set them up without any assistance.
The investment was very much worth it!”

Florian Schmitz

Photo © Oliver Bellendir Photography

“The different acoustic modules from HOFA provide a very variable and balanced sound that works in almost every studio situation.”

Florian Schmitz
Music producer, Audio engineer and Coach

Hochschule Stralsund / University of Stralsund, Germany


„The acoustics in the AudiMax, the canteen of the Stralsund University, were extremely unfavourable.
Especially at meetings, the reverberation made it difficult to understand the speakers.
When the hall became one of the most important meeting rooms during the Corona crisis, this situation was no longer acceptable.

Starting with the initial planning, through the measurement of the premises and the installation, up to its completion, the entire project was handled in close customer-oriented coordination and without any problems.
The result can literally be seen and heard!
The university now has a large meeting room which enables all safety distances to be maintained and at the same time allows every participant to be present, as all speakers can be easily understood in all corners.
Even at dinnertime, the noise level, generated by the use of the cutlery and moving the chairs, has been pleasantly reduced.

Many thanks to HOFA-Akustik for the good cooperation and the convincing result!

Adrian Stahl
HOST – Hochschule Stralsund / University of Stralsund
Head of Department

ARRI Media GmbH

Photo © ARRI Media 2021

“Due to the specific demands of the film post-production market, we need to be able to quickly and reliably scale capacities up and down in the sound editorial sector at different locations.
With the HOFA Basstraps, our edit suites are well-prepared to be moved quickly and provide very good acoustic results to ensure a professional working environment for our sound designers.”

Siegfried Oblinger
Technical Director Audio
ARRI Media GmbH

Ben Böhmer

“All the acoustic elements are doing a great job – they make for a dry and accurate sound and also create a wonderful atmosphere. Many thanks to the HOFA team for the great consultation and the implementation of my studio upgrade.”

Ben Böhmer, DJ & producer



The probably best known and most successful german band in the field of electronic dance music, Scooter, relies on HOFA when it comes to room acoustics!

The trio consisting of front singer H.P. Baxxter, DJ Michael Simon and producer Sebastian Schilde is using a total of over 60 HOFA acoustic modules in their music studio for a perfectly balanced sound – including basstraps, absorbers and diffusers.

Scooter member Sebastian Schilde about HOFA-Akustik:

“The look and the functionality are absolutely fantastic!
The quality of HOFA acoustic modules is reflected 1:1 in the studio!!

I am more than satisfied with HOFA-Akustik!”

An additional live room will soon be equipped exclusively with HOFA acoustic modules.

To be continued …

Boris Brejcha


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“Before I moved to a different location, I worked in a small, square 16 m² room. HOFA-Akustik measured and planned the new studio, which lead to a great result! I really like the employees, they’re always there to help. The most important thing is that HOFA works with a sheltered workshop (Lebenshilfe Bruchsal). This should definitely be supported.”

Boris Brejcha

 Video: Portrait: Produzent & DJ Boris Brejcha



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I have fulfilled a dream I had for years and built my first real studio in cooperation with HOFA-Akustik. Together we designed the studio, planned its acoustics and then finally realized and built it.

I’m super happy with the result and now I’m back in the studio full of energy and working on new music. Many thanks to HOFA for the great cooperation!

Mausio, DJ and music producer

Sara R., psychologist - HOFA Acoustic Curtain ISO 7


‘I purchased the 7 layered acoustic isolating curtain and I am very happy I did. It’s purpose was to minimise sound of voices from leaking through a glass door with large spaces between the door and its frame. As a psychologist I need to provide privacy for my patients and make sure the outside world can’t overhear everything they say. This curtain does that tremendously well! Without it you can follow the conversation as if you are within the same room. With the curtain drawn, you hear murmurs but can’t make out any words. As a bonus, the colours fit perfectly with the inside as well as the outside colour schemes.’

Sara R., psychologist

Armin Pertl

“Perfect support from measurement to installation. Fast, competent and friendly employees. Inspiring studio atmosphere through the integration of  acoustic pictures. Outstanding sound. 

Thank you HOFA. You will always be my first choice 👍”

Armin Pertl – Producer of Nicole, Roberto Blanco, Ireen Sheer, Andy Borg, Bernhard Brink, …

Nils Frahm, Berlin

“I ignored the acoustic optimization of my studio room for the longest time. I think everyone agrees, that it’s much more tempting to spend a couple thousand Euros on a new microphone or a nice tube preamp. This seems more like a tangible equivalent.

That’s exactly what I did and so I had ugly pyramid acoustic foam panels in my studio, which did attenuate the high frequencies but also made my room sound very unbalanced. I got used to that and ended up boosting the high frequencies in all my tracks…

One day I decided to repaint my room and I hated the thought of removing and reinstalling the foam panels.

I started looking for a high-quality acoustic solution and finally stumbled upon HOFA. A small company that offers high-quality acoustic modules at an affordable price. All employees were extremely friendly and patient and helped me to find the perfect combination of modules.

You will certainly not find diffusors that offer a better value for the money. The modules are flawlessly crafted and look beautiful. A combination of diffusors, Basotect absorbers and bass traps can “save” every room.

I installed the modules and I was speechless. The difference was impressive. All audible flutter echoes disappeared and the room sounds “tight” but open and natural at the same time. I feel much more comfortable in my beautiful studio now.

I think that’s where the real difference lies. Make yourselves comfortable and never forget that the eyes are part of the mixing process as well. :-)”

Nils Frahm

Alex Wende, Produzent/Studioleitung Hansa Tonstudios Berlin

The famous Hansa Studios in Berlin searched for a long time before they found the optimal acoustic solution with the HOFA-Akustik modules. HOFA-Akustik is very pleased to be represented in these legendary rooms.

“At Hansa Studios we care for the highest quality possible when it comes to equipment. The HOFA-Akustik modules are just that.”

Musikverein Lohnsburg

“The Musikverein Lohnsburg has more than 80 musicians. For the last 3 years we’ve rehearsed in our new room. When we planned the rehearsal room, we got in touch with HOFA-Akustik, which was definitely the right decision! Everything was very professional: the acoustic measurement on the construction site, the installation of the modules and the measurement afterwards. Since the room is pretty big, there’s quite some space between the musicians. Thanks to the HOFA-Akustik modules that’s not a problem at all, since the hearing impression is really good. The sound is transparent, not muddy at all, but rather brilliant. The same applies when smaller ensembles practice.

It’s a great advantage that the modules can be changed at any time. All in all, it was a great decision to use HOFA-Akustik modules!”

Kons. Gottfried Reisegger Conductor MV Lohnsburg

Grégoire Pasquier

“I have bought a whole acoustic kit back in 2010 when I got into mixing and mastering. Eight years later it remains the best investment I have ever made. When I moved to a different place two years ago, I could simply move all elements into my new studio and I immediately felt at home. These acoustic elements are great because they are sonically very efficient, they are removable and they are built to last! Oh, they also look very good by the way!”

Grégoire Pasquier

Ingo Herzmaier

“Since I’m a saxophone player, I needed a rehearsal room that sounds as natural as possible, but still dry enough to record music. Daniel Burger from HOFA-Akustik explained the effect of the acoustic elements to me, helped me out with a 3D model of my room and managed to get the reverberation of the room down to 0,3 seconds. 

The clear acoustics make it possible to work really accurate on my saxophone-sound, which is the most important thing for a musician.
I really like HOFA’s company philosophy and the value for money and I can definitely recommend the HOFA acoustic modules.”

Ingo Herzmaier

Stefan Weinzierl (© Kulturmanagement Hamburg)

„As a classical percussionist, I need a studio room which sounds as natural as possible. That‘s the only way to show the different tonal colors and timbres of my marimba, vibraphone, timpani and other percussion instruments. And of course I want to have a balanced sound while preparing for my concerts – so I charged HOFA with the measurement of my room. The measurements looked ambitious, so I ordered and installed Basstraps, Diffusors and a Curtain with some scepticism. What can I say? The sound exceeds all expectations, my instruments sound marvellous! The clear acoustics allow me to work with the finest nuances and you can hear that on the recordings. I‘m really happy and I can definetely recommend HOFA.“

Stefan Weinzierl, drummer and multi-percussionist

Gleb Lasarew

“I primarily produce and mix electronic music in my studio and also hold workshops about music production. When I moved to a new room this year, good acoustics were really important to me. Since the issue is really big and complex, I decided to look for help.

I found HOFA, and after sending some mails and important data about my room to them I quickly received a 3D-room-plan of my studio and I was able to start with the buildout directly.

The delivery of the modules was really fast! The support service was always available – no matter if via mail or phone. I’m really happy with the result.

If I need help with acoustics again, I’ll definetely ask HOFA.”

Gleb Lasarew


“As DJ, singer, songwriter and producer I’m working on the perfect sound everyday. The acoustics of a room plays a major role in the process. After the reconstruction of my studio I asked HOFA to equip my room with several acoustic modules. The result is remarkable, the sound is more balanced and undistorted. The delivery and assembling of the modules was quick and reliable and both the sound and the look of my new “soundcave” in black & cream white inspire me once more everyday.”


Städtische Musik- und Kunstschule Östringen

“Regarding the acoustics, the classrooms in our music school were in a very critical state. Several students and teachers complained about the long reverberation time. Subsequently we consulted HOFA-Akustik. They made acoustics measurements and planings and sent us a comprehensive report with an intelligent approach. We implemented the suggested HOFA absorbers in order to improve the acoustics. The feedback from our students and teachers were highly positive. The impact of the absorbers impressed us. The staff of HOFA-Akustik always gave us capable advice and support. Therefore we continued the collaboration and assigned further steps to improve the acoustics.”

School for Music and Art in Östringen

Kevin Schroeder

“I’m a synthesizer sound designer and film score composer. The HOFA acoustic modules do exactly what they promise. It’s really important for me that I can judge my sound exactly. The Absorbers and Basstraps definitely convinced me. Thanks a lot!”

Kevin Schroeder

Tom Dams (Studio Forstmehren)

“Each step of construction – from selecting the right materials to choosing the best means of execution – was then carried out according to strict acoustically designed specifications. At the same time, the finished studio rooms should also offer maximum acoustic variability – for the different acoustic requirements of different productions. Thus, acoustic construction was finalized in partnership with HOFA-Akustik, as their acoustic systems allow for utmost flexible room acoustics.

Within very short time, the two largest rooms can be transformed from ‘bone dry’ (about 0,7 sec reverberation time) into ‘Great Pyramid of Giza’ (about 6 sec reverberation time). Sound sources still remain as life-like and unadulterated as possible within the room – be it for recording, mixing or mastering.”

Studio Forstmehren
Tom Dams

Dominik Bauer & Marcus Theinert (jaM’in – studio)

“The HOFA team was involved in the planning of our studio acoustics right from the start of the construction phase. They created a detailed acoustic concept and gave us many useful advices how to build up our studio and the team was always reachable for us. Thanks for that!

We chose the HOFA acoustic modules because we are very flexible with them. So we can change the acoustics just as we need or want it. Great system! Furthermore the cost-benefit ratio is very good.

Thank you for your great job!”

jaM’in – studio
Dominik Bauer & Marcus Theinert

 Video: Owners of jaM’in – Studio about HOFA-Akustik

Tomas Kaspar

“With Hofa products I found great combination of profesional acoustic quality and really nice look and design, which is also important. And thats all for fair price!”

Tomas Kaspar – Kobdzey studio

Jens Rudolph

“Dear HOFA-Akustik Team,

thanks very very much for the great consultation on the phone and the helpful tips in advance. Everything went well and you can descript the excess profit on the room acoustic but to feel it everyday, it’s just an enjoyment.

Watching and hearing concerts is my passion and it happend to create, under this aggravating circumstances of an almost square room with a high reverberation time, with these modules and basstraps an precise Sound in the middle/high and especially in the Low-End.

The result is truly amazing!

Keep it up!

Jens Rudolph

Lars Kischkel

“I chose HOFA because of the excellent and noncommital consulting service in the planning phase. My studio is in a rental property, so I wanted to keep the acoustic arrangements mobile. Even if I have to move, I have financial planning reliability with the HOFA modules. […]

The positive effect for me after the room correction with the HOFA modules is clearly the working at a low sound level. I can work longer without tiring my hearing.
A first mix in the new rooms clearly showed after a check on various speakers that investing in HOFA modules was the right thing to do!”

Lars Kischkel

Oliver Pinelli

“I am Oliver Pinelli, music producer – actually from Berlin, but I have been living in the Salzkammergut in beautiful Austria for five years.
For the last three years I have been running a small studio in the basement of our old apartment.
Now we have moved into a bigger apartment and I have made contact with the company HOFA. I already knew about HOFA from their acoustic modules and plugins.
The whole cooperation with the team that came here and installed everything for me was great. I am thrilled and looking forward to my productions.
Many thanks to HOFA and all the best for the future.”

Oliver Pinelli
(Enrique Iglesias, Paul van Dyk, Unheilig, In Extremo, Christina Stürmer, Cassandra Steen, Enrique Iglesias, Yvonne Catterfeld, Rosenstolz)

Hallwang (Österreich) Kultur- und Veranstaltungszentrum

“The cooperationship in this project was professional and technically perfect. I am grateful to the HOFA company, especially Jonas Schira. He had always lent an ear on this project and did everything in due time. Furthermore the logistics made a great job.” (Erik Bilic)

Hallwang (Österreich) Kultur- und Veranstaltungszentrum

Musikhaus Thomann - Amphitheater

“We wanted to combine design and acoustics and also present a product with optimum value for money to our customers and partners. In the end we went for HOFA and are absolutely content.
We also treasure the corporate philosophy of HOFA and the close and trouble-free collaboration.”

Musikhaus Thomann

Fredrik Andersson, Drummer, Amon Amarth, Norway

“I am the drummer in the Swedish metal band Amon Amarth, and lately I have experienced problems with too much low-end in live situations. When looking for different solutions I found out about the HOFA Basstraps. I put one Baby Basstrap next to my Drumset which I also use as a stand for different equipment, I also put a couple of Baby Basstraps underneath my drum riser too to prevent low-end to build up where I sit.

The Basstraps work very well!”

Jochen Sachse, Regie B, HOFA-Studios, Karlsdorf

The mouse was to blame.

For four years I was reasonably happy with a hybrid acoustic setup consisting of a suspended ceiling with multiple layers of Basotect and about 30 HOFA-acoustic modules. Then a little mouse died somewhere in the ceiling, untraceable between the layers of Basotect. Anyone who does not know how that smells can be considered lucky.

As I was only “reasonably” satisfied with the setting in Controlroom B, I decided to redesign the acoustic setup in order to be much more flexible. This is due to the fact, that I prefer recording in the Controlroom and use our recording rooms only for the big stuff like drums or bigbands.

So, why preach wine and drink water?

About 35 frames, 50 absorbers, 20 diffusors and 16 basstraps later, my “acoustic world” was as right as rain. Finally I had what I wanted: a perfekt link of midrange and high end via well dosed high mid frequencies.
For mixing I use the same setup as for vocal recordings. When recording guitars or percussion I simply replace 5 or 6 absorbers with diffusors. So I get euphonic recordings with the right ambience and scarcely use EQ or FX.

A few words of advice:

  • Horizontally installed frames are more practical, because modules can be changed seperately. With vertically installed frames you always have to remove the module on top first.
  • Horizontally installed frames offer more useful “shelf-space”.
  • When your place your bits and pieces like adapters, tools or picks on those “shelves” they are always at hand.

Nizar Sabir, Al-Bani Gen. Contracts & Co, Sulaimaniya - Irak

“Dear HOFA-Team,

Excellent dimensions of the HOFA-Akustik modules – suitable size
Easy installation of the HOFA-Akustik modules
Great design – highly decorative
Significant improvement of room acoustics – functionally effecient.”