HOFA Acoustic Curtains

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HOFA acoustic curtains with their excellent acoustic properties can be used to improve the acoustic behaviour of large surfaces.

HOFA acoustic curtains are available in two versions STUDIO and ISO which can be attached with different mounting systems. In front of windows, doors or walls, they offer a high sound absorption and protection against environmental noise.

Both product lines are available in a low-priced standard variant with fixed size, mounting and various colour combinations. Sizes, mounting and colour combinations can be customized with our Acoustic Curtain Configurator.

  • Special multi-layer design for an optimal acoustical efficiency
  • Significant reduction of light transmission
  • Heat and cold insulating
  • Materials of low flammability used, DIN 4102/B1
  • Mounting with metal eyelets (40mm) or stage band
  • Suitable for mounting on curtain rails and rods (you will find suitable mounting material in our shop, in the configurator and with the help of our team)
  • Seamed sides and bottom
  • Available in 9 different colours
  • Synthetic leather as edge protection in different colours available on direct request
  • Dimout version with video grading qualified light transmission reducing surface
  • Made in Germany

For reducing the reverberation time & optimising room acoustics:

For sound absorption & noise insulation: